Friday, February 25, 2005

Camera Phone Delight

I got a new toy today and I got to do a story about racing. What a day, even if I still can't shake the FLU!!!

This new camera phone isn't too fancy and it takes a decent picture...for a camera phone.

Our assignment for the day was taking reporter Caron Myers and me two counties south to Rowan County for a story about an old mill property that a developer wants to turn into a racetrack.

Now, my first thought was,"Isn't this weekend the California NASCAR race that would've been the Rockingham NASCAR race here in North Carolina? What the Hell do we need another racetrack for in North Carolina?!"

But Caron worked the phones and figured out the skinny on what this new raceway was for.

Yes, the owners want to play off of the huge NASCAR presense in the area. They are building a road course to attract various road racing series' and motorcycle racers.

But the NASCAR boys could all come here and test as well. Hell, the RCR race team could get to this track in 15 minutes from their racing headquarters. That beats the almost hour and a half to the other road course test track in Virginia.

We worked our way around the community gathering interviews from the locals in favor, and even one who is against it all.

The developer gave us the 4-wheel drive tour of the yet to be developed landscape and I got out of the truck and gave the muddy, hilly land a not too quick series of wide, medium, tight, steady and well framed shots. And then I kept rolling as we slipped and slided up and down the muddy hills that are destined to be graded and plowed for racing action.

The powers to be at the station wanted this story live so a site survey was in order. As close as this site is to the Yadkin River I didn't think we'd be able to get a live hit from the low elevation. But the hilly terrain helped us as we found our way to the top of a large overlook and easily made the microwave connection with the 1800 foot tower two counties over.

Time to edit for the 6.

A nearly 2 minute story cranked out in about 25 minutes explained to the viewers the pros and cons of this endeavor.

Last minute preparations by a polished Caron Myers, especially when it comes to racin'.

Live from our hilly overlook.

Waiting as the story plays for the viewers.

The juice that kept us pumping all day long.

I'm digging this camera phone, but some of the darker pictures lack the resolution that I so desperately crave. It's a good thing that I'm getting myself a new digital camera in the next week or so.


Lenslinger said...

Great shots, Weave - you'll have to show me your new toy! (I don't like the way that sounds...)

Anonymous said...


I love my camera phone. In the itty-bitty market that I work in a satellite truck is not a possibility. We only use live trucks.

Here is a tip: Next time you're out in the field FAR FAR away from the station -- and you want to get images back to the station quickly -- use your camera phone!

For example: This past summer we had a tornado hit Silsbee, Texas. This is too far for any of the local TV stations to do a live shot from. It's about a 45 minute drive from the stations. When we arrived on the scene I took a few quick shots of the damage with my cell phone & e-mailed the pictures to the assignment desk. They were able to put the pics up on the website & on air to give viewers a first look at the damage.

Have a great weekend!

Billy Jones said...

Great shots. You and Lenslinger really make this stuff look fun. Of course, having earned my living on the road my entire life I know how being pushed all the time can feel.