Monday, February 07, 2005

A great quote

It has been said and taught that one secret to great TV writing is to use a quote book to get ideas to further your story. I have done this some and have heard some great quotes in stories.

One quote I heard recently was in a story that was written by TV Reporter extrodinare Boyd Huppert. The man can write, there's no question about it. He may currently be the best storyteller in Television. The quote was at the end of a story about an interesting donation at a Goodwill Store.

The last line of the story - "The people at Goodwill have no problem selling valuable donations. But there's a difference between Valuable and Priceless."

I love that quote. It's great.

Another great quote I saw today was on the blogsite of Rusty Surrette. He said he saw this quote last year...

"Picking a newscast is like picking a fine restaurant. One bad experience and they won't be back for awhile. Two bad experiences and they'll wait for new management."

That is a timely quote considering sweeps just started last Thursday.

Think about it though the next time you are having trouble writing a TV story or, for that matter, a written article for a Newpaper or even a blog entry.

A good quote can really spark ideas.


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