Monday, May 29, 2006

Gone Racin'
Coke 600

It's the years longest race and for me it was a helluva long workday. (So why am I blogging about it now at (start time) 1:19am???)

Seacrest (12)

The (not-so)quick rundown of my day looks like this....

Cars on Track

7:17am - Wake up...Drive to Lowes Motor Speedway...

Seacrest (25)

9:30am - Shoot a story with Ryan Seacrest taking the 170 mile per hour tour of the track by Kyle Petty...

Seacrest (26)

10:45am - Take Photos of said story shoot...

Seacrest (18)Seacrest (5)

11:00am - Dub In-Car Footage of the Ryan Seacrest ride along.

Seacrest (24)

11:30am - Edit Nat Pack Story(no reporter, all video and sound I shot) of the morning with Seacrest.

Coke 600 (28)Coke 600 (27)

5:30pm - Dub Story from my laptop edit computer back to my XD Disc.

Seacrest (32)

6:00 - Stop and talk to Bucky Covington.(more pictures)

Coke 600 (23)

6:30 - Feed Story back to station through WSOC microwave truck. (Thanks WSOC!)

Coke 600 (16)

6:45pm - Drive to my new secret LMS Parking Spot outside of the track on the front stretch.

Coke 600 (11)

7:00pm - Haul Camera, Tripod and Chairs to top of the Tower to shoot some the race from lap 100-ish to the end.

Coke 600 (13)
(what kind of Coke Points do I get for this pic ;-)

10:30pm - Kasey Kahne wins race...Drive Home.

Coke 600 (12)

11:45pm - Arrive Home.

Coke 600 (9)

1:50 am Finish this blog.


Anonymous said...

you suck.........

JL said...

that is all completley rad.
wish I had that assignment.
great photos!