Monday, May 15, 2006

The Ultimate M.O.S.
update:The Ultimate Job Interview!

It's the most feared acronym in TV News....M.O.S. It means Man on the in go out and find someone, anyone, and ask them questions about whatever the story of the day is and that becomes the news.

But the BBC has taken M.O.S and brought it to the set when they hired computer copyright expert Guy Kewney to speak on the Apple/I-pod/Beatles lawsuit, but the right Guy never made air.

The REAL "Guy" explains in his blog that he was waiting in the reception area with the clock ticking away the minutes and seconds until his scheduled 'expert' appearance when the following came on the telly.... (push the play button in the center)

The real Guy explains on his blog that there was some excuse from a BBC Studio Manager about mistaking the guy at one entrance for the real Guy at another entrance.

Somehow the darker skined guy also named Guy, who's the BBC says was there for a job interview, received his visitor's pass that of course said 'Guy' and then the wrong Guy became the M.O.S, in this case, Man on the Set, instead of the right Guy!

It begs the question...what would YOU do to get a job!

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Kenneth said...

I thought this was pretty funny. I like the faces the wrong Guy makes during the interview.