Thursday, May 25, 2006

Investigative Report
Spankin' it in Cleveland!

I found this story from the NBC affiliate, WKYC, Channel 3 in Cleveland on Break dot com.

Now this is how you do an investigative story!

It's got old school attitude and 21st century flair.

Kudos to the photog for some fine shooting!

Kudos to Carl (the reporter) for protecting his photog!

Now watch the story...

As seen on

Same Story linked from the WKYC Website

Another Version from the WKYC Website.


newshutr said...

That's my station. The videographer and Carl Monday get great stuff. Carl is a veteran who knows his business. There's a saying we use around the station. "Get AWAY from me Carl Monday..!!" A guy Carl was chasing down screamed it in a pathetic attempt to get Carl to stop an interview.

Invervegas said...

That was an awesome story... I like the old-school "get outa my face" feel. Also, from a studio director's point of view, nice robocam repo at the end!