Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Where's Weaver?!
On Vacation!

OK, so you know I'm in Florida! Here are some pictures of our Monday.

Universal (21)

We spent the day at Universal Studios Islands of Adventure where I conquered the Incredible Hulk Roller Coster...

Universal (11)


Universal (8)

I found this nifty little secret called the Single Rider Line.

Universal (9)

They want to fill up all the seats on the rides and also move the line faster so they take all the solo riders straight to the front of the line and put them on the coaster in the single seates left over when groups that want to stay together don't fill up a row.

Universal (20)

Let's just say I took advantage of this option on all the rides my wife didn't go on. She doesnt' do thrill, but somehow I got her onto this Jurrasic Park water ride with a big drop!

Universal (23)

I liked the Spiderman ride too. But it got me thinking.

Universal (1)

Spidey and Superman are both newpaper guys, toting their still cameras to the scenes of news, and the Spiderman ride is based around this 21st century news gathering vehicle called the SCooP.

Universal (3)

So I got to thinking....Why can't we introduce a TVPhotog superhero. Maybe we could call him Lenslinger. Hmmm.

Anyhow, More pics on Wednesday of Tuesdays Adventure which included 3 theme parks in one day.

I hope to go fishing on Wednesday!

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