Monday, July 24, 2006

Where's Weaver?!
UPDATE(like yall care:)

First things first....Happy Anniversary to my wife Julie. It's been 2 years Today that we said "I do". I also just found out that Smitty, aka, Lights, Camera, Jackson and his wife are also celebrating 2 years today!!!

OK, So did you guess...(A)"Somewhere in Florida" or (B)"Miami" or (C)"The Florida Keys"?

The answer is (D)All of the above.

After heading to Florida in a nice, shiny rental car on Saturday we arrived in Jacksonville, making great time, we decided to stay south on I-95, arriving in Miami 12 hours after departing from Thomasville.

We drove on to Homestead where we found a fleabag and bedded for the night.

On Sunday (the day of my previous post during breakfast) we did this.....

keys (6)

keys (4)

We drove about halfway from Homestead to Miami to the area of Marathon in the Keys. We hung out on the beach looking south for about 2 hours before making the trek back north, stopping at several waypoints and souvenir stands along the way.

keys (2)

keys (1)

Then we drove for another 4 or so hours and found a hotel to stay at for 3 nights. It has WiFi in the lobby, but it has a killer rate.

keys (20)

keys (10)

And Monday was a really long day with a bunch of great pix.

The pix from Monday sometime on Tuesday.

For more pix of the Keys go to my Flickr Page

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Smitty said...

Congrats to you guys! We're so jealous.. The sun, the sand and the surf. Our vacation is just around the corner.. Six weeks and counting!

Enjoy the beach!