Thursday, April 26, 2007

Road Trip : Yuma, Arizona

Coming Soon to a TV Near You (if you live in the Triad of NC) or on the web if you don't live in this area....

It's not too often that an out of town trip for the purposes of gathering a news story isn't accompanied by a Hurricane, a sporting event, or a massacre at a...well you get it.

But it was none of the above that took reporter Eric White and I 90 percent of the way across the country to Yuma, Arizona to investigate some suspicious activity on the US Mexico Border.

Yuma Day 3 (3)

The Stories about what's going on at the border will start Sunday night but for now I can tell you that it was a fantastic trip, although we almost thought we were going to have to come home as sone as we hit the ground in Phoenix.


We were traveling out on Monday the 16th and as soon as we landed at Sky Harbor International in Phoenix we got word of the Virginia Tech Massacre.


But the bosses insisted that we press on and put VT out of our minds. So Eric and I spent the 4 days, 65 hours and 9 hours of XD Disc trying to flesh out as many goods stories as we could find.

Yuma Day 2

More details to come...and I'll share the story links when they're posted on the company website.


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Anonymous said...

So... I'm guessing it's a story about immigration?