Monday, April 09, 2007

Are You Smarter Than a News Photog?

It's an age old question, right? OK, Maybe not but follow me here for a second.

Hanging Rock (10)

If an out of shape Photog chooses to carry 25 pounds worth of Television equipment to the top of a 1 mile trail with an elevation change of about 1000 feet... how soon should you notify his next of kin?

Hanging Rock (4)

If the reporter accompanying the photog to the top of the mountain offers to carry the camera while running in place beside the heavily panting photog... who gets to push him off the mountain?

Hanging Rock (3)

If a news photog double punches the record button missing an entire interview on top of the mountain... does that dissolve him of complaining about the walk up the mountain?

Hanging Rock (13)

If you can see the building in the downtown skyline with your recieve site on it do you go for it or still try to hit the site 35 miles farther to the south?

Hanging Rock (2)

Do all reporters make good sound techs or just the Emmy winning ones?

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