Wednesday, May 14, 2008

TV Lights and Fire Alarms

In one of those you should have been there moments...Melissa Painter and I were in the middle of shooting a well lit interview with 3 college girls in their dorm room of the sorority building at a prominent local university when this happened....(watch and then read the rest)

If you didn't figure that was the fire alarm. Did I mention I had a hot, 650 Watt TV light set up in the room...and it was right next to the sprinkler head. What? That was the best place for it!

Anyway, we left our TV equipment in the room (turned the light off) and stood in the parking lot with the rest of the sisters, some freshly woken from an afternoon nap, others straight out of the shower.

We were pretty sure the hot halogen had set off the fire alarm, although I was skeptical because I figured the sprinkler would have popped if it was us. The girls reassured us this happens all the time in this building.

All we could do was wait for the fire department to give the all clear and when they did we headed back up to the room...where 3 firefighters and 1 campus cop were waiting in the hall.

My intrepid, ivestigative - Slash - consumer reporter spilled like a kids cup of coke at dinner. Every detail about how we had been shooting an interview and maybe the light was too near the sprinkler. The fire captain let her talk as she motioned toward the room we were in and when she stopped talking he said, and I quote, "That's funny because the alarm came from the room across the hall."

He was quite amused at the situation, I learned not to make her my accomplice the day I decide to join Clooney in Vegas.

Here's the Story that goes with that video.


turdpolisher said...

funny as hell. did you say she was the investigative reporter? gotta get a better poker face than that.

Anonymous said...

LMAO! too funny. Liked the finished story too. Glad I dont have that prob,,$95 alot of $$