Monday, May 05, 2008

Bill Clinton...Stop 8
Reidsville High School

Just got home from covering the last Bill Clinton speech of the day in Reidsville (that's an hour drive for me, one way).

He arrived an hour (or so) late and spoke for another hour (or so).

I took pictures...but that'll have to wait....It's 1AM.

Here's a pic from the last Bill Visit...

Bill Clinton in Greensboro, NC

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Anonymous said...

We at the Greensboro Ron Paul Meetup group invite you to come join the fight with us tomorrow at 7pm at the Chic Fil A on Lanada Rd in Greensboro, the one near stanley ave and west wendover.

If you are a supporter, and have not gotten involved yet, please I am asking you, come, help us, we need you. We do not ask for any money, it is just us folks sitting and talking about how to get the message of Freedom and Liberty to the People.

I once heard someone say if you think you are not qualified to run for office, to represent the people, you only have to ask yourself if you are the people, if you are, then you represent the people and are fully qualified.

Now I am not asking you to come and run for office, although I would love for you to. I am simply asking, come and be a part of NC Primary day on Tuesday, help hold a sign, take people to the polls. Canvas your precinct, by going and talking to neighbors.

If you are frustrated with the decision you feel the media is making you think, tired of the silly issues they discuss on the mainstream media programs. You know this is not what we need. We need someone focused on the serious issues our country faces, do you know who is talking about them? It sure is not any of the candidates you see on main stream tv. We are on the brink of our dollar collapsing, entering the worst depression we have ever seen. Even in the last depression, we at least had our industrial exports, and we could still work. Now with no more industrial jobs left here, everything has been shipped to china or other countries with lower taxes or regulations or cheaper labor than the us. There will not be this income, and we will be totally relying on our government, but in these situations, when countries will not loan us money because our credit score has gone so low, how will they feed you? The answer is they wont be able to. This is not a world I want to live in. I will not rely on the government to take care of me.

Come join the Revolution.

It is time.