Saturday, May 24, 2008

Wireless Live Shot
The Technology Has Arrived

Finally the long promised Spint/Nextel Digital conversion has brought us a new toy. The long sought after digital microwave COFDM transmitter is on the air. Ever since our test of a loaner a couple of years back I've been itching for this thing.

So of course I had to test it. The event that we packaged was far over by 10 but the element of the police getting more patrols on the streets gave me a reason (a stretch I know) to use the new TX for a driving live shot.

The technology worked flawlessly. Now, I'll try to not overuse it or use it in ways that are farfetched or a stetch.

But hey, anything's better than a black hole liveshot, right?

Watch the shot HERE

(Oh Yeah, I know it's a bit on the unsafe side to have a distracted driver, but trust me we had safeguards in place and I was fully watching the road too ready to shout instructions regardless of a live shot.)

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