Friday, August 04, 2006

Fun With Technology
Wireless Video

My first day back at work from my much publicized vacation also brought with it a chance to play with a new toy.

For our 6 o'clock live shot, instead of the usual wired hookup to the umbilical back to the Live truck we used a portable transmitter like the one in the picture above to send a digital COFDM video signal back to it's corresponding digital reciever.

The location of the live shot was inside of a Target store for a story about the upcoming (now going on) Tax Free Shopping Weekend. The visual for our story was at the rear of the building, diagonally across from the front doors. I couldn't have asked for a better worst case scenerio to try out this new toy!

The hookup is incredibly simple. The transmitter hooks on the Anton Bauer battery mount and the battery mounts on the back of the transmitter. The connection of the camera to the transmitter is the same as a conventional (analog hookup) live shot.

The reciever hooks up to the Live Truck the same way; just one video cable and one audio cable.
In this case, I ran our umbilical to a point just inside the front doors of the store so there were no walls in between me and the receiver.

I think the technology of the shot worked great, although I was a little wild in the excitement of my unlimited ability to move about the building.

This is great technology and I can think of many, many possible uses for more creative live shots, even ones static from a tripod, using the ability to be places where it's not conveinent to run a cable!


JL said...

My station had one of those when I worked in Portland...we called it "the jetpack", and I miss it each and every day.

Now I'm tethered to a camplex, and a monitor and reporter IFB...sad, truly sad.

Have fun with that thing, and dont' worry about the tumor you'll get on the back of your head. All part of the job.

Invervegas said...

Mmmm... COFDM goodness.... *drools*