Friday, August 04, 2006

Vaction Over
Back to Work

Ah the joys of a new workweek. I've been back at work 4 full days now and I finally found time to put the wraps on my whirlwind tour of Florida.

Disney (99)

Here's the quick version of where I last left off on my Vacation follies....

Disney (63)

We spent Tuesday at Disney World. We started with Animal Kingdom. It's a big crowded zoo with a couple of great 4-D adventures, overpriced food but a lot to look at including the man made Fake Mt Everest.

Disney (15)

The fake mountain has a roller coaster that runs through it but the line was more than 2 hours long!

Disney (61)

Saw a few of my distant relatives. I think the one above is from somewhere in Georgia.

Disney (81)

After Lunch we made our way over to EPCOT to see if the future world ride still predicted flying cars by the year 2000.

Disney (83)

What I found was the GM Test Track ride that strapped humans in a car and made us the test crash dummies!

After going through an indoor obstacle course the test vehicle accelerates to 70 mph in quick fashion and zips through 2 high speed, high banked corners. The line for this ride was 2 hours long, but then I found the imfamous single rider line, which indicated a 60 minute wait. I was onboard in 30 minutes!

Disney (74)

After checking out the Test Drive and the Living Seas exhibite we monorailed it over to the Magic Kingdom to visit Walt and Mickey. We kept our stay at MK short. A few stops in the shops and we were pooped. Time for supper.

Disney (108)

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday were spent in Bradenton with our friend Mike(background) on the Manatee River.


A little billards, a little beer, a little wine, a little fishing, a little seafood, a little italian and some shopping for the Missus.


I played catch and release by the way.

It was a great two weeks, but it went by far too quickly as usual.

Next stop, Christmas!

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