Thursday, August 10, 2006


If you look carefully you can see the buttons and dials that differentiate the camera inside this blue Port-a-Brace Camera Cover. It's a brand spanking new Sony XDCam that has been on the street for about 3 weeks in the hands of WXII Photojournalists.

XDCam Doug

Doug says he loves it but he's still adjusting to all the fancy features and menu settings, or as he put it, "I think it makes toast, I just haven't figure out which button!"

The next step for WXII is Non Linear instead of Disc to Tape in the Live Trucks and not having to Edit NLE and then Dump back to tape at the station.

Been there, done that!

XD Cam Chris

It's hard to believe my Fancy XDCam is coming up on it's 2 year anniversary!


Anonymous said...

If you get bored come out and try our Cannon HD Camera w/Firestore Drive before we really start playing with it.

Don Moore

newshutr said...

2 years on XD...??

You suck..nyahhh..:-p

Wish I had your problems.