Saturday, August 26, 2006

High School Football
On the Web

I love shooting High School Football. I've done it every year since 93 and I have to say it's a great change of gears from the grind of daily news coverage. Ah, the joys of a double shift every Friday, every fall. I wouldn't change a thing.

And new this year to our station is a larger than life web presence. It's different, it requires a little more work, but it give the fans, the viewers, the kids who love to holler, 'Put me on TV,' a whole new way to enjoy their high school football.

Every game we cover will have extended highlights, every big play that we captured on disc, no time contraints for a 20 minute show.

Now, we'll give you the quick, down and dirty on the air and the extended, as much as you can stomach, watch and see if you made the B cut, online.

And it also allows for some creativity that, in the past, has always been left on the cutting room floor.

S0, while I was shooting my game tonight, I felt inspired knowing that I already had to cut web versions of my 2 games, so I went the extra mile and put together a 3rd, totally different web entry...Sounds of the Game. <<<----Click there to watch.

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