Thursday, August 10, 2006

Film, Tape, Disc

An interesting question came up today over lunch, but bear with me while I back track.

We TV folks like to chastise others for using phrases like, 'What are you filming?' The filming part being our peeve, because film has been out of TV since the 70s or early 80s depending on your market.

But even as video tape has been around for more than 25 years people, including insiders, still ask that question and use that word, FILMING.

The answer is that we aren't filming anything. For all these years we've been taping the news. Even at home we've spent 20 something years taping shows with our VCRs. Now, of course, we're Tivoing everything even when using a DVR of the non-Tivo influence like mine from Time Warner.

So now with the digital revolution on the new question that is cropping up is what are we doing when we aquire digital moving images to a plastic media disk in the form of ones and zeros?

XD Disc (3)

We sure as heck aren't filming. And we're not taping anymore, even though it's habit now for the reporter to tell interview subjects to say their name so we'll have it on tape.

But I understand habit and it sounds strange anyway to tell someone we want to get their name on disc. And what kind of look would I get if I said I was i discing something?

I guess for now we'll say taping erroneously, or maybe just say we're 'recording video' or videoing maybe.

Any thoughts appreciated.

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Cam said...

I think the term will be "capturing" or "recording." The problem is that everyone will eventually leave tape...but it will be replaced with MANY different kinds of digital storage.
My station is leaving tape and going to P2 cards. Your shop is disc. Some places are hard disk. ARRRRRGGGGGGG!
Maybe we should just go back to film ad then transfer it to tape and then ingest it into the NLE. Three times the work for us...but at least we would not keep having to correct everyone else's terminology :-)