Monday, August 28, 2006

Finding Pacu
A Fish Tale

Meet Pacu, no that's not it's name, that's what it is. A Pacu is a fish cousin of the carnivore Piranha, but a Pacu, even with is sharp teeth and strong jaw, is usually a vegetarian and can grow to be a lot larger than a Piranha.

Pacu (2)

Both species are native to the Tropical waters of the Amazon so it's amazing that this fish was hooked by two guys fishing for catfish at the lower side of the High Rock Dam on Tuckertown Lake.

Pacu (4)

Chad and Karlton were fishing Sunday afternoon when the fish broke from it's vegetarian ways and attacked the night crawler at the end of their line. The fight that ensued to land the fish rivaled that of anything they'd ever caught and when they landed it they new they had something different than the usual fare of bream or bass.

Pacu (3)

The 3 pound fish had more grip in it's mouth than a bream or bass too. The razor like teeth, almost human like, were quickly noticed by the anglers, luckily before they tried to grab the fish by the lip as is done with most fish around here.

Pacu (1)

The guys carefully got the fish out of the net and got it back to shore for all the world to see. They didn't really know what they had, they just knew it didn't belong in this lake.

State Wildlife agents say that these types of fish are only found in North America in people's fish tanks. But when people get tired of the fish they sometimes dump them in the nearest body of water.

Chad and Karlton now have a great fish tale and it didn't get away!



Anonymous said...

way to go Chad W and Karlton G!! Southmont and Denton boys!

Anonymous said...

thats HAWTT

Anonymous said...

yuck-a-do! monster fishes will eat you alive! i'm not go'n to swimm there and become yumyum in their tumtum!