Monday, March 02, 2009

Snow Day 2009 - Pictures

I never take as many pictures as I should, usually because I'm focused on shooting video of whatever it is that I should also take pictures of.

My Backyard

Anyway, this was the backyard. My wife measured 5.5 inches of snow.

Fox 8

After grabbing just enough video for the noon show I drove to the station.

Fox 8

Fox 8

Santa Maria

Satelite Farm

After a day of driving around, shooting video, writing and editing my story (see previous entry) I jumped back in the truck for one more shoot for sports. Is it just me or does my truck seem to have grown teeth-sicles.

My Truck

By the time I got home the evidence of the wife and kids' hard day at home was plain to see.

Snow Girl

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turdpolisher said...

cool pics weave. i hear slinger got a hall pass. the wuss.