Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Real Thing
NCAA Cover Up

Remember in the 80s when New Coke came out and people boycotted and clamored for 'The Real Thing'.

Well the NCAA Tournament is coming to town again and they're bringing the 'Cover Up' with them. You know...they have to cover up any advertising in the arena, including all those Pepsi ads on the cupholders on all 10,000 some odd seats.

Both my station and our CBS competitor brought the "New Cover Up" to area viewers tonight at 10 and 11 but I'm here to tell you...nothing's better than 'The Original'...'The Real Thing'...the Emmy Award winning - "NCAA Cover Up"

But you decide if you wish...When the 2 new versions from WGHP and WFMY are online I'll post 'em here...


WFMYs version...I took away the EMBED because there was no way to keep it from rolling...STUPID -

And Now...enjoy 'The Real Thing' - ;-0


Anonymous said...

Chris... I saw Channel 12's version this morning and thought about your story. Yours is still the best.


Anonymous said...

How funny,,,,you've been ripped.

Senator's Forum said...

Cool story Weaver.

I'm trying to figure out what camera angle could show the logo on a cup holder during a basketball game, did you know?

Oreo said...

Still one of my favorite stories. I love the angles, the sequencing, and the people. The other two tried hard, but don't quite have it.