Thursday, July 14, 2005

Big Construction Zone

The Western Loop is moving right along. Dirt is moving and bridges are being built. This is the longest bridge on the project. It spans over 8 lanes of Interstate 85 and will carry traffic that is headed east on I 40 going around the most congest part of what will become the old interstate.

85 Road Construction Longest Bridge

And that is the point. To relieve more of the traffic and congestion problems around Greensboro that aren't even close to the problem that larger cities have. But this part of the contstruction zone is huge. When we did the TV story last week this was our view for our Live Shot.

85 Road Construction Flag

We could see for miles, over several bridges under construction. It's awe inspiring to stand there and see these guys toiling at what seems like a snails pace.

85 Road Construction Bridge

They stay there all day, sometimes leaving for lunch, but otherwise they are on site all day, with all the ammenities the mobile outhousesportapotties.

And during our stay waiting to go on the air at 5 and 6 we took advantage of the mobile restroom, more than once.

85 Road Construction Potty

We were up so high on the bridge site that we did our live shots with the mast down. We were able to shoot our signal to two different recieve sites with the mast down from up there.

85 Road Construction Live

And as usual Eric White went all out for his Live Shot. At least at 5. He ran all the way down the hill and then up a smaller one to allow this vantage point for our liveshot.

85 Road Construction Distant

It was a nice look that made for a different than usual view for you guys at home watching.

85 Road Construction Eric LCD

The gist of our stories was that this portion of the loop is coming along on schedule while the northern part of the loop around Greensboro is on hold again to be pushed back several to many more years.

85 Road Construction Bridge 2

It will be interesting to watch the progress.

85 Road Construction Eric

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