Thursday, July 07, 2005

Fox News Blog

I found an interesting set of new News Blogs tonight.

I was searching for a news item of interest when I found the Fox Blogs . They are on the main FoxNews website down close to the bottom.

The Fox Blogs consist of these six links....

  • Gretawire
  • The GITMO Diet
  • Sean Hannity's Links
  • The Wilson Watch
  • Friend's Insider
  • Alan Colme's Links

    Greta VanSusteren's Blog seems to be very bloggish. Her latest entry today is about getting the call to leave Aruba because of the London attacks.

    Shana Pearlman is a producer for FOX News Radio's Tony Snow Show and Sharon Kehnemui Liss is the politics editor for Together they are writing the Gitmo Diet Blog. It's about surving on the food the inmates at Gitmo are eating.

    Sean Hannity's Blog Links page is just a bunch of links.

    Alan Colmes' Links page is the same. Just links.

    The Wilson Watch buy Brian Wilson is the newest blog. Wilson's first post was today. Wilson is on a new beat in DC and found himself waiting for spot news to break out in lieu of any political action in the capital.

    Brian Kilmeade is one of the hosts of Fox' Fox and friends. His blog has been going strong since January. His latest entry is War on Terror, about today's London Bombing.

    As far as the way the blogs are configured, I'm not sure I like the way they are set up. Two of them are labled Fox News in red with the apparent blog title in black. The other four are labled with their blog title in red, and the latest blog entry in black. And two of those four aren't really blogs. Hannity and Colmes' blogs are just link lists. Come on guys!

    I like Greta's, Wilson's and Kilmeade's. Those three are true blogs, as much as they can be as an extention of the FoxNews website and employment of these folks. But their blogs share some personal perspective about how they go about gathering the fodder that end's up on The FoxNews Channel and even with the self promotion at the end of the entry I found them readable.

    They should set up a comments section on them too. But that would probably get out of hand. But it would be interesting!

    I am glad to see they are making the effort. It's another tool in the newsgathering toolbag.
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