Thursday, July 28, 2005


Look at the picture.

Look at the X.

Child Killed by Car 2

A child died here.

Child Killed by Car 3

Look at this mom.

Child Killed by Car 4

HER child died here.

Child Killed by Car 6

As the car came down the dead end street the driver didn't know the 4 year old was going to be in his path.

Child Killed by Car

As the child crossed the street, after wiggling free from his carseat in the family van, possibly with his attention on a cat, the boy didn't know the car was not going to stop in time to miss him.

Child Killed by Car 8

And as Tina Johnson grieves just hours after holding little Brandon for 5 hours after his death, her family, including Brandon's 6 siblings, struggles to find answers.

Child Killed by Car 7

The most immediate question is how to pay for a funeral on Dad's disability income with NO insurance.

Child Killed by Car 9

A more longterm question will likely linger forever. Why was a 4 year old little boy taken from this earth at such a tender age?

To help this family contact the Memorial Presbyterian Church on McKnight Mill Road in Greensboro.

(The driver of the car that hit Brandon Johnson was not charged. The police determined that the speed at the time of impact was less than 30 mph, in the posted 35 mph zone.)

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