Thursday, July 14, 2005

Where to Park a News Truck

People have some preconceived notion that we TV types are always given the best parking. That's only half true though.

Sure at the larger sporting events like NASCAR Races and at the Colliseums there are usually spots reserved for the media to keep us from having to walk too far with our equipment.

But in general, on our day to day, routine assignments we don't go places with assigned Media parking spots. We have to scratch and claw for good parking just like everyone else.

On the downtown city streets it's best if we find a commercial spot, but we are usually OK in a public metered spot even beyond the 30 minute or 2 hour time limit. But only when we are marked. It seems that most meter maids will ignore a marked vehicle in the name of news gathering.(Except at the recent trial in Graham where one of our guys got tagged while he was the all day pool photog.)

Sometimes I find myself needing to use the fire lane or some other area marked no parking for the public. I can pull up into grassy areas. I can pull onto sidewalks. (very carefully as not to block traffic.) About the only place I will NEVER park is a handicapped zone. That is strictly off limits.

Just Sunday I was fudging the limits of the parking protocol when I pulled into a spot clearly marked reserved in downtown High Point. The guy in the Jaguar behind me pulled up with his window rolled down and promtly told me that was his reserved spot. But he allowed me to stay if I passed a message to our morning anchor. Done.

With all of this talk of creative parking practices it was nice to see this sign the other day at NC A&T University in Greensboro.

Media Parking

A place especially for us to park, in a nice central campus location.

Thank You A&T for thinking of us.

Now I just wonder if I can get one of those to stick up wherever I am parked?

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Calvin, Founding Blogger said...

You may like the spot but I know some students and professors that will park there to. Parking is cut throat over that at T

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