Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Pimp My House

Lenslinger has covered how, as a TV Photog, you never know where you'll find yourself, but from the other end of that thought, you never know where you'll find a TV Photog, but if you're looking for one, try his co-workers' house.

Wrenn (2)

You see, if you ever work at a TV Station or know someone who does, one of these days a TV Crew, news or production is 99.999% likely to end up using your house as a shoot location for a news story or a commercial.

Case in point, Photojournalist Kevin Wrenn in my Shower with his fancy XDCam in tow.


It's no hard news story, just a consumer piece on a new shower product, but it ended up with Wrenn-dog under a towel, in the shower, trying not to get too wet.

And he had already shot a similar scene earlier in the day at another co-worker's house.

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Rob Ainbinder said...

That battery powered gizmo has to be the most over priced, lazy man (or women's) contraption ever invented.