Friday, September 01, 2006

And NOT Ernesto

What do you call TWO Tornadoes that miss all the local trailer parks?

A Redneck Dream come true.


Every News Crew's worst nightmare!

Hawfield Storm (4)

As Tropical Storm Ernesto wanders through the Eastern Part of our state tonight we spent today covering the aftermath of twin tornadoes that passed through rural Alamance County yesterday.

Firefighters saw 2 funnel clouds pass over the Hawfields area late Wednesday as stormes from an approaching cold front blew up all over Central North Carolina. When we arrived in the area on Thursday morning I expceted a couple of downed trees and maybe a sheet of tin or two.

But as we passed by tree after tree, snapped, twisted or broken I realized that this wind maker really packed some punch. (That sounded cliche!)

Hawfield Storm

Of course our object was to find the epicenter, the worst of the damage to illustrate what had happened. That focus took us not into a devastated trailer park but into a middle class neighborhood that had debris spread all over, a trampoline in a million pieces, a garage door blown out and all the foundation vents sucked out of one house.

Luckily however the twisters bounced over all the houses just downing trees in insignificant non-damaging locations. That's OK though.

On our search for a location to do a LIve shot with a debris field we found the scene in the the next picture.

Hawfield Storm (2)

At first look you might think it came from the mobile home. It did, sort of. It bounced off the trailer in mid flight after the wind ripped it from the feed barn of this dairy farm.

Hawfield Storm (3)

The debris field of this storm stretched about 5 square miles.

Only one trailer was damaged.

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