Friday, September 08, 2006

Reporter Assaulted
Photojournalist Rolls Throughout

If you haven't seen it here it is. The video of San Diego's Fox 6 Investigative Reporter John Matte as he is attacked by accused con-man Sam Suleiman. The crew was working on a follow up to Suleiman's cons when Mrs. Suleman verbally and lightly physically attacks the crew for their reports and then Mr. Suleiman shows up and wastes no time lashing out with pounding physical violence.

Although there could be a million different scenerios in the future that would warrant different action I would say that the cameraman did the right thing here. If he would have put the camera down to help that woman would have been able to grab the camera and take off with their evidence.

Now the video has now made it to YouTube and where the comment sections are growing as fast as the Suleimans fury.

Here are select comments from that I like....

Meatygrum said:
Cameramen : Gotta love em they dont put the camera down for anything.

randomtask said: think about this : the camera man watched the whole thing while his collegue was getting his ass kicked

Jakedog13 said: Cameraman : Ya gotta love how the cameraman kept rolling instead of helping his coworker!

bhouse said: hah : the best part is how the camera man just kept rolling the entire time, i wonder if that other guy wasnt there to step in would the camera man help or keep rolling

jes22593 said: wtf : y was the camera guy taping when the reporter is getting killed instead of helping

mkr32208 said: I'll bet the camera man LIVES for shit like that! : Great film, plus the prima dona prick who's always bossing you around is getting thrashed like a little girl! I'll bet he buys a round for ALL his buddies that night!

GeoJim said: Pretty funny : Some of these "investigative" reporters must think they're beyond or unsusceptible to the reactions of other people when pissed off. Yes, the dude was a scumbag, but did that reporter actually think he could annoy someone to that extent without a reaction? C'mon now. And, does anyone else think the camera man could have done something??? Nonetheless, having it all on video is nice. And lastly, I would hardly say that reporter was "in a fight for his life"

brkholio said: True... : but I saw an interview with him last night. He wanted the camera man to continue filming... to gather evidence I guess. He already had that other guy helping him anyway.

Redman78 said:
Stupid. : You have to be really really stupid to assault a news reporter on camera. Stupid woman saying leave us alone??? Yeah lady why don`t you stop robbing people first!!

DustyVag said: Just saw this at my gym : Dumb bitch thinking throwing water at the camera is gonna do shit.

SMBguy said:
Haha. : That stupid girl thought throwing water on the camera would make it explode.

zach723 said:
haha they got caught : she was so pissed because they were busted, not because the reporter was intruding... enjoy your time in jail

himselfe said:
well : I don't know much about this reporter so I can't comment about him, but I wish to hell the reporter who was harassing that kid from the library would have this done to him.

DUFFMAN1111 said:
haha stupid ass reporter : i'm glad that reporter got punched, the media will do anything to try to make a story but i'm also glad that this jawa and his loud girlfriend got in trouble, i guess HockeyElmo27 said it best; both parties got what they deserved

HenvY said:
why can reporters never fight? : i want a reporter to get attacked and beat the shit out of the guy who does it.

AJustice said:
I hope that guy can clench his butt tight... : ...because he's in for an ass banging when he goes to prison. The reporter did the right thing by not fighting back. Now he has a 100% clear cut case of felony assault and can easily sue this guy for damages.

dalmation said:
DUHHHHHH!!!!!!! : If you want to mess with the bull you have to deal with the horns. If a person is willing to commit identity theft and real estate fraud - he is most likely willing to beat you up if you push him far enough? Get a clue and read the writing on the wall. No way should he have been surprised that someone would turn on him like that.

beatlegirl said:
good job reporter! : Wow! that guy totally overreacted by hitting him! he was doing something illegal (forgery and such) and I'm glad the reporter did what he did! it's ok to rat out criminals. Anyways, in the case criminals vs. reporters, reporters are the lesser evil.

stonecoldkilla123 said:
i : can see how people get angry when the news teams uncover there dirty deeds to the whole world, but this guy is just crazy haha. great clip.

mikeymo1 said:
stupid fuckers : how stupid can you be! you attack a man on camera! DEE DEE DEE!!!!!!

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