Saturday, February 06, 2010

Cue the Duck
Carl Edwards Drops By Our Live Shot

While we were setting up for our Friday Night NASCAR special for the end of our 10 o'clock newscast, Sports Photojournalist Kevin Wrenn, Sports Anchor Danny Harnden and I all whipped our heads around when a new(ish) Ford pickup came quickly rolling up to our live shot location in the infield of the Daytona International Speedway between turns 1 and 2.

Daytona 2010 Feb 5 (32)

I believe Kevin's exact words were 'What the Hell?' thinking some redneck was effing with us. Turns out it wasn't exactly a redneck, so to speak, but it was someone wanting to mess with us a little bit.

Carl Edwards Daytona 2010 Feb 5

NASCAR Sprint Cup driver Carl Edwards and his unknown passenger (may have been David Ragan since Edwards said it was Ragan's pickup) thought our Liveshot was interesting and Edwards said he thought it was a one-man-band working alone so they were going to have a little fun.

Carl Edwards Daytona 2010 Feb 5

It was fun. Edwards hung out for about 10 minutes, chatting informally about the bigger restrictor plates, looking at our new SNG van, and laughing about being bored because of the rainout of most of the day's on track activities. Yes, he said he was bored.

Carl Edwards Daytona 2010 Feb 5

So we nabbed a few photos with Edwards and I was able to complete the assignment given to me by my 11 yeard old before I left NC - "Get Carl Edwards autograph," my youngest son demanded. Edwards obliged graciously and he made a little boy really happy. (and 3 grown men too. lol.)

Daytona 2010 Feb 5 (38)

Kevin Wrenn still can believe it.

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