Saturday, February 13, 2010

Daytona 500
Dirt Tracking

The Racing on the High Banks of Daytona is well underway, the Daytona 500 is less than 2 days out and we've been covering every conceivable angle of motorsports we can think of.

But it was Sunday when the paved oval just inland from the Atlantic was closed that I was able to trek deep into Volusia County and check out the action on the clay half mile oval.

Volusia County Speedway

It's one of my favorite stories of the week but it didn't come easy.

I set out to Volusia County Speedpark alone, with my co-workers using Sunday as a light duty day. I switched into Kevin's news car instead of taking the Live truck. That was where my problems started.

When I got to the track I dug down into my backpack to get my backup, fully charged battery out...but it wasn't there. I had laid it down in the live truck in a box with discs. (luckily I brought discs)

Volusia County Speedway

Well even with only ONE battery I wasn't too worried. Our batteries last a pretty good amount of time and I would shoot conservatively. But the battery was showing that it was at 40% full. I had used it to shoot Saturday nights NASCAR race and not charged it back. Doh!

So I was really shooting the bare minimum. I did one quick interview with Kenny Wallace..and if you know NASCAR you know "The Hermanator" talks....ALOT!

Volusia County Speedway

My next priority of getting good shots of the cars on the track was easy. I moved from spot to spot knocking off a few shots here and a few shots there.

My next problem was that I was in the infield...and our local angle...the grandson of NASCAR Cup owner Richard Childress...was parked in the pits....OUTSIDE THE TRACK.

So I had to wait until after Austin Dillon's race to get sound with him. That gave me a good opportunity to get good shots as he raced in the final feature of the night. The next problem looked like he was going to I had to get good shots of him driving...and have enough left for a possible victory lane celebration and interviews.

I quickly got my portable charger and sweet talked a concession stand girl into plugging my charging my battery for about 15 minutes to get some juice back into it.

When the race was over I had a 20% charged battery....just enough to get this...


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