Tuesday, February 02, 2010

International Civil Rights Center and Museum
Grand Opening

Sit In Museum 008

It was 11:30 Sunday night when I came to the grand realization that I had to crawl out of bed in just 3 and a half hours!

Sit In Museum 004

The Live Shots started at 5AM, I needed to be there by 4:15 and I had to make the otherwise 30 minute drive to downtown Greensboro over 2 day old Ice and Snow on this 15 degree morning.

Sit In Museum 088

In just a few short hours, after 15 years of stop and go work the Internation Civil Rights Center and Museum would be dedicated, the ribbon cut and the much ballyhooed site of the 1960 sit in movement would be a shrine to civil rights activists around the world.

Sit In Museum 097

It's also the place where anyone under the age of 30 or so can go and get a real understanding of what life was like for colored people before integration.

Sit In Museum 104

So on a day when blacks, whites and all others gathered to promote the racial harmony that some say is still not perfect, I manned my glass, both the TV and the still version, and sprayed digital bits and bytes over the scene much like the photogs 50 years removed gathered the iconic images of the 4 NC A&T University Students who sat down at the Woolworth's Counter and demanded service.

Pink Sit In enhanced

But I wasn't the only camera toting biped in the place.

Sit In Museum 076

Bloggers, Newsies, and curious onlookers manned cameras of all sizes and shapes.

Sit In Museum 108

And I probably didn't get the iconic photo that will last for 50 years.

Lenslinger captured this gem of all the photogs jockying for the ribbon cutting...

But to be there contributing 15 live shots with reporter Bob Buckley to TV Stations across the nation...

Sit In Museum 070

...I feel like I've been a part of something big.

Sit In Museum 053

Sit In Museum 048

Sit In Museum 093


Amanda Emily said...

Fifty years ago you would have been shooting with a Filmo and ordered by your chief to loose the typical shirt, tie and sports jacket worn by photogs in that era and "dress casual."

I'd bring a Filmo out to NAB for you and Lenslinger to touch and see but the TSA would probably have a heart attack if I tried to take it through security.

Roch101 said...

The sepia and pink photo is very cool!