Thursday, August 04, 2005

Cheating With the Numbers

Wireless NotebookIf you work in TV News you need to check out this post by former TV, Anchor/ Reporter Jamey Tucker.

Apparently a TV Weatherman in Baton Rouge thought it was OK to fill out a Ratings Diary even while gainfully employed by the TV station.

From Nielson Media Research website:

"I work in the TV industry (at a TV station, TV network, radio station, radio network, a cable TV company, or a satellite provider). Can I still be part of the survey if Nielsen TV Ratings contacts me?

No, unfortunately not. We are sorry, but if a household member is employed by, or a principal owner in, the television or media industry, our guidelines prohibit us from including your home."

Baton Rouge Newspaper, The Advocate, that is owned by the same company that owns WBRZ and shares a web presence had this story on July 29. The story outlines how another Baton Rouge TV Station discovered this occurrence.

It's a big no, no that most people obey without question. And I haven't read it lately, a poster on the wall at work mention something about penalties to the station by Nielson if this happens.


Update: Edited to aknowledge shared ownership of The Advocate Newspaper and WBRZ.

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