Monday, August 29, 2005

Hanging Rock State Park

I took my boys to Hanging Rock State Park Saturday as part of a Cub Scout Day Hike. What a great adventure.

Hanging Rock Me and Boys

Hanging Rock Group

I have been to Hanging Rock before but somehow I never took the Hanging Rock Trail to get this awesome view. WOW!!!

Hanging Rock Great Pic

And there is so much more to explore at Hanging Rock. Other great views, Waterfalls, a cave.

Hanging Rock Tad and Son

I will be headed back for a weekend camping trip as soon as my schedule allows.

Hanging Rock from below

And I'm going back to the top of this rock!


Lenslinger said...

Great pics Weave, let's set a date!

Smitty said...

Nice shots.. Those boys are growing up fast!