Sunday, August 14, 2005

Overheard In Davidson County

Davidson CourthouseWhile hanging out at the Davidson County Jail Friday I overheard a particularly interesting quote that I have to share.

"My step-brother is my little boy's daddy."

I will pause here so you can let that sink in.


OK. So here's how we ended up with that tittlating piece of information from this girl.

While we were waiting at the jail for deputies to arrive with a murder suspect, this family was there waiting to bail out their son, brother, uncle. I don't know what he was in for, but it wasn't his first time and the other two fellas waiting with his mom and sister were telling about their past experiences in the clink.

Anyway, apparently this dudes girlfriend caused this lockup and his mother isn't happy about it. So when this girl shows up at the jail the mom goes off on her and they get to yelling back and forth and using all kinds of nice language. Meanwhile, myself and the photojournalists from two other stations are just watching and wondering if we may have to roll on a cat fight.

After the heat of namecalling was finished one of the people watching the arguement said something like, "Hey, I've got the number to Jerry Springer." Everyone, including the mother laughed at this comment. The girlfriend of the brother of the boy they were bailing out then started in with the infamous, "Jerry, Jerry, Jerry..." It was too funny.

That's when the guys sister told us that she had a real Jerry Springer story. Her step-brother was her baby's daddy. (He was there waiting for his step-brother to get out of jail too.)

I think all our faces dropped and so we had to ask for further details.

She was married to her baby's father but they have since divorced. After their divorce her mother met his father and ended up getting married.

So not only are these parents step brother and sister....they are their child's aunt and uncle...and the child is his own first cousin.


Anonymous said...

now that is *ucked up.

Hope all is well,
Rusty Surette

Bluedog Photog said...

Damn, Weave, that's funny!