Friday, August 19, 2005

NEW TV Photog Blog

There is a NEW Photog Blog in the Photograblogosphere, and this time it's officially sanctioned by a TV Station.

WRAL's Chief Photographer Richard Adkins announced the Blog with a quick little post on today. Their blog is Under Exposed...5...

"...the thoughts and ramblings of TV’s most under appreciated members… The TV News Photographer."

So far Photojournalists, Don Ingle, Courtney Davis, and Richard Adkins have posted on the blog, but the site boasts a full time staff of 24 Photogs, so we should se a lot of blogging coming from out of their.

As a kid growing up I idolized the News Photogs of WRAL. They always had the most solid stories and as a young news viewer, future TV Photojournalist, I must have had an instinct about what good TV looked like.

It's great to see WRAL allowing these hard working men and women share their experiences with their viewers and fellow bloggers.

And I'm proud to say I took this picture of Don from his post today when I met him in Raleigh a few months back.

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