Monday, August 22, 2005

Friday Football

It's that time of year again. Friday night High School Football, or by it's trade name where I work, Fox 8 Friday Football!!!!

Football 2

This is my 13th annual trek into the depths of prep pigskin and each year it seems to sneak up on me a little quicker.

Way back in 1993 when I was a newbie at a little cable station, I felt like a big dog when my boss asked me if I would shoot friday football for WTVD, which was our newgathering partner in our neck of the woods. WTVD had an agreement to pay us $50 per game for a night of football highlights, which meant two games and $100 bucks. It was great to get that bonus $400 at the end of the month, for several months in the fall.


These days Friday Football is still just as exciting for me to go shoot. Something about the atmosphere and energy of several hundred High School Football fans that just drives me.

My first two games of 2005 were North Surry at Lexington then the quick drive to just north of Thomasville to Ledford(where my oldest son and step son are starting middle school this Thursday) versus the visiting team from Surry Central.

The Lexington announcer even gave me some props over the PA. I had given him my business card with phone numbers and show info, and he announced over the PA "you see Fox 8 Cameraman Chris Weaver is gathering highlights for Fox 8 Friday Football, so give Chris a big wave and don't forget to watch Fox 8 Friday Football with Rich Brenner and Kevin Connolly tonight at 11."

That was a first. That's a great announcer!!

Chris Peterson 5

Lexington held off North Surry for the win and Ledford opened their season with a surprising win in strong style.

Chris Peterson 4

Another thing about Friday Football is talking to the Photogs from the other stations. It's one time of year when we can count on running into a variety of photogs on a regular basis every Friday night. I saw my buddy Chris Peterson from XII this Friday.

Chris Peterson

I am looking forward to the Football season. It's the official kickoff to fall, and even though it will be hot for several more weeks, it will seem like the snap of a finger when the football games are starting after sunset with chill you to the bones temperatures.

Bring it on!!!

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Smitty said...

Gotta love it! I will be shooting every other Friday night.. Just remember to send the sequence to the server.. Not the clip! OOPS!