Wednesday, September 21, 2005

American Idol - a differernt sort of refugees.

OK, I admit it, I don't really American Idol. I did watch it some when Fantasia was in the running and I have the final show from that year permanently saved in my DVR until I can copy it to save forever. But I am no loyal viewer.


I have also been able to steer clear of the mania that befalls the immediate area surrounding the auditions for American Idol. I think Hurricane Katrina may have changed that.

Not that I haven't longed to travel to Atlanta or DC or Hollywood or wherever Idol mania has taken my fellow photojournalists including Stewart Pittman and Tim Bateston.

signs 2

But now that Hurricane Katrina Refug...errr...Evacuees aren't going to be filling the halls of the Greensboro coliseum, the powers to be at American Idol are bringing their pre-Idol road show, and who knows how many future Fantasias, to the Piedmont.

It seems fitting that now, maybe this room full of signs could actually be put to good use. The signs were going to be plastered all over the coliseum to welcome and support the displaced victims of Katrina.

signs 3

I guess now we could put them up to welcome the Idol wannabees from all over the eastern seaboard.

signs 1

Meanwhile, Stewart is editing at warp speed getting the first American Idol preview on the air.


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