Thursday, September 29, 2005

Greensboro Chrysler Classic

It's my inaugural trip to Forest Oaks for the annual PGA Classic, or any professional golfing tournament for that matter . I read somewhere today that this grand event started in 1938, making it one of the longest running events on the tour.


And being the NASCAR man that I am, I was a bit confused by the polite and quiet nature of the whole scene. It's kind of like at my kid's school, in the hallway, where they have to use their inside voices.

At NASCAR events you have to yell to be heard over the roar and it's not exactly polite.

Here everyone's walking around shushing one another.

But they gave me a free hat so I'm giving them a chance.


I really liked the technical aspect of the whole scene.

ABC Camera Platform

Cameras, cables and microphones were everywhere.


The people who make the Network coverage come alive were so busy doing their jobs that I couldn't even slow 'em down for a picture.

Ground Sound

Some of my own co-workers, like Timmy Hawks were also running around, each with a personal agenda and plan of action.

THawks 2

Timmy was interested in the sports angle. Who had low scores? Who was having a rough day?(pun definitely intended)

Forest Oaks 2

I was interested in the News value of the whole scene. So were my counterparts from the competition.

News 2 Guy

We all donned our orange badges and walked the grounds searching for our hidden treasure.

Media Badge

I found my treasure in the proud father from Smithfield whose son had just teed off on number 9 and the older couple from Clemson cheering an alum's birdie on 10.

Hawks found his treasure in the late afternoon leader on the 14th green.


Every so often the Met Life blimp would buzz overhead, surely getting great views from the camera mounted to it's gondola and giving great ad time to it's namesake.


Ahhhh, lunch with the fellas, which today meant the boys from WFMY.

Lunch Group

Free Lunch is good no matter how you cut it.


Caron Myers spent lunch pondering how to make our story sing.


Mac Ingraham didn't want to be on the blog.

Mac Ingraham

Sorry Mac.

And Timmy Hawks is still working. I don't think he eats lunch.

Hawks Working

But he does catch the best sports action in the Piedmont.


There is quite a lot to take in with so much going on over the 18 holes.

Camera and Guy

The views from most anywhere are just outstanding.

Forest Oaks

By the end of the day, having shot video of anything I thought would work for the story it was time to put it all together for our newscast.

Live Masts

I got lucky today and was able to edit and feed our story early. Kevin Wrenn on the other hand was stuck feeding video between Live teases and technical problems.


He finished the sports feeds with mere seconds to pop up Kevin Connolly for the sports report.

Caron and I had a story that sang and after 2 minutes Live on the air our broadcast day was concluded.

Caron Cheesing

It was much the same just 20 feet over at the Channel 2 truck where Mac was wrapping up his report.(ours was better ;) )

Mac Live

I also learned a thing or two today. Golf is a lot more laid back than NASCAR. It certainly goes at a much slower pace.

But I think I'll put it on my things I like to do list.


Update: Head over to Lenslinger's Blog for a little more about our buddies Timmy Hawks and Kevin Wrenn.


Lenslinger said...

Congratulations on a triumphant return to the blogosphere. Fantastic shots! Mind if I riff on 'em?

Unknown said...

Gee, You act as if I haven't blogged in a week. It's only been 8 days. ;) Take all the pix you want.

deadlinediva said...

Hey Weaver - I still like NASCAR better, or maybe it's just 'cause that's what I grew up in. I think I'd like golf better if they'd rig up the golf carts to run at faster speeds and at the end of the first round the leader would do doughnuts on the straightaway - I mean fairway! Or if somebody would get mad and throw their putter at the other one when he makes his ball spin out. Of if I'd hear somebody say, "...Well, it's just one of them golfin' thangs." I just don't get golf. But then again, the last time I played, I got the golf cart stuck in the windmill!!!
Caron Myers

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