Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Hurricane Ophelia - When Hats Fly!!!

I was watching the other guy's news at 11 tonight when I saw something that I had to share. You can form your own opinion but based on what I see, it could have been avoided and may have been done to get viewers talking. And here I am perpetuating it!

Damany 1

Damany Lewis was doing a NON LIVE lead-in to a story from Wrightsville Beach about the impending arrival of the perpetually stalling Hurricane or Tropical Storm Ophelia.

Damany 2

I noticed that his hat was very loose and even occasionally flopping in the wind.

Damany 3

In real time it's hard to see, but in slow motion and frame by frame he turns his head into the wind.

Damany 4

And his hat flew off.

It struck me odd that he didn't even attempt to grab the hat and catch it nor did he look toward where it flew. Those two things would seem to me to be human nature if my hat flew off unexpectedly.

Damany 5

It was very odd. And like I said it was a NON LIVE lead in to a packaged story.

This could have been re-shot, unless there was limited time, which is understandable, or unless they liked the fly away hat, which was interesting, or unless the hat came off on purpose, which is likely, OR a combination of the above scenarios.

Even if the hat flew off unexpectedly, I think a mention of it in the shot was warranted.

After the story aired they came back to him for a LIVE tag at Wrightsville Beach(which is a pet peeve of mine) and he had his hat back on, now securely.

Safely from the studio, anchor Cameron Kent made sure to remind his young field reporter to hold onto his hat.

See the Video from Damany's fly away hat.

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Anonymous said...

Of COURSE he should have mentioned the hat flying off. What market size is this again? This reporter seems a little green.