Friday, September 09, 2005

Katrina Coverage - Local Angles

Hurricane Katrina Coverage has us chasing every possible angle to the story and it's follow ups. The disaster relief, economic implications, impending refugee evacuee arrival, etc...etc...etc... have us on a continuous wheel mis-forturne in search of the latest greatest story, as long as it has the remotest link to Katrina, New Orleans, Louisianna, Mississippi, Alabama or the evacuees of said locations.

Here are some pictures of my moments of Katrina Coverage. (nothing too exiting here, Sorry!!)

gas price 2

One of the first local impacts on us here and most everyone around the nation from Katrina was the spike in Gas Prices. This station actually limited it's sales to $20 at a time during the height of the 'scare' in order to keep from running out of gas which would have killed inside sales. Coincedintally, at the time the price was $2.99, which would get you 6.66 gallons.(for you God did this theorists.)

Got Gas

Some stations did run out of gas...But people kept coming to their station, because they didn't pull their prices down. When they did pull their prices down, the result made it look like ultra cheap gas, causing a constant stream of cars through the parking lot. Maybe that was an attempt to increase their non-existant inside sales.

gas price

When's the last time we paid that for gas. I know it was before I was born.

Horse Fly

Horsefly. Boy was I board. I can't even remember what I was waiting for at this point.

Me Waiting

Over at WFU, like many other colleges, students from New Orleans based colleges were enrolling, at least temporariliy. This guy is a Wake Forest Student from New Orleans who thinks his house parents' house is OK, but they haven't been back yet.

WFU Students

And of course their is the ongoing wait for a plane full of refugees to arrive here in the Piedmont Triad area of NC. It hasn't happened yet, but we keep hearing it could be just 2 hours away.


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