Thursday, November 10, 2005


Ummmm....I don't know where to start....It's a chrome (the kind in a can from Wal-Mart) bicycle. I saw it at first from a distance. The highly modified, 10 speed in low gear with its pedals spinning at an ultra high pace but the bike barely moving.

Silver Bike

The man riding the bike sauntered into the Greensboro Police Department where we were awaiting an interview with a Lieutenent. Dressed in a 3 piece suit, but not quite ready for church, nice leather shoes, carrying a 3 inch ring binder and a hard hat on his head, painted the same discount chrome.

He looked serious about whatever his objective was. As a lone TV Crew hanging out in a public building we figured we would get an up close with the man in the silver hat, but he strolled by without so much as a look our way.

He wandered around GPD headquarters not really seeming to accomplish anything. One police Lieutenent had a look of great concern about the man but then confessed that it took him back to his childhood, reminding him of the Mr McBeevee episode of 'The Andy Griffith Show'.

It was a truly strange sighting. Unfortunatley no picture of the man.


Mr KR said...

We've got all sorts of bikes like that in Hippieville.

Anonymous said...

His name is Eric........lives in the woods off of Pisgah st. He's has a mental illness but he's really, really a nice guy when you see thru all that surrounds him