Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Digital TV Tower

You may have noticed an addition to the skyline of TV Towers in Randolph County.

WGHP Digital Tower

WGHP-TV-DT is building a new TV Tower in Randolph County to go full power with a digital signal in the near future.

WGHP Digital Tower WGHP Digital Tower (1) WGHP Digital Tower (3) WGHP Digital Tower (7) WGHP Digital Tower (6)

Fox 8 has been on the air now digitally via a low power transmitter and on digital cable for a while. But with the new tower, which will carry two antennas, WGHP will transmit a full power digital signal from one antenna and the channel 8 analog signal from another antenna.

WGHP Digital Tower (2)

Caron Myers and I stopped by the site on Monday so we could crane our necks skyward, gawk at the site an get an impromptu degree in Television engineering from transmitter engineer and HMFIC of the transmitter site, Charlie Layno.

WGHP Digital Tower (9)

I can't wait until I can get an HD set so I can watch NASCAR on Fox in High Definition!!!

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