Wednesday, November 30, 2005

North Pole

On Black Friday I didn't get to hang out in any malls or on the side of the highway in the cold, but I did get to take a trip with my reporter Caron to the North Pole.

MyTwinn (3)

We found out it's in Blairs, Virginia, just north of Danville about an hour north of Greensboro, just off of Highway 29 on, appropriatley, Toy Lane.

MyTwinn (5)

Inside the Massive warehouse from floor to ceiling are boxes and boxes and stacks and stacks of toys and toys and....even more toys. Everywhere you and people running around on forklifts sorting the toys. Every kind of toy you can imagine is moving around the building on it's way out to a household somewhere in the United States.

MyTwinn (4)

As a distribution warehouse owned by EToys Direct, this is just a holding center for the toys that are being ordered online from not only, but also K-Mart Online, FAO Shwartz, and Sears Wishbook.

About 100,000 toys per day are pulled off these shelves and put on the correct truck for delivery.

MyTwinn (2)

There is one toy that is actually manufactured in this building. The MyTwinn doll has become a hot property in the past couple of years, this year rolling off the production line at the rate of 1000 per day.

MyTwinn (1)

At $140 bucks per doll that's a good bit of dough being pumped into the economy of this region.

The 200 workers on the MyTwinn Doll line and 1800 employees of the warehouse part of the operation surely appreciate the economic stimulation.


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