Thursday, November 03, 2005

Guilford County Jail

What does Guilford County need to do to resolve the overcrowding problem at it's jail?

According to a letter sent to the county be the State of NC jail inspector- Something, within 30 days or the state will step in...and could take over OR EVEN close down the jail.

Guilf Co Jail (3)

Without directly saying, "I told you so!", BJ Barnes reminded the commissioners he's been harping on the overcrowded conditions at the jail for 11 years.

Guilf Co Jail (2) Guilf Co Jail

County Commissioner Bruce Davis also seems to have decided that a jail has to be built. He aknowledged that something has to be done, and in his opinion, it's just a matter of choosing one of the several plans that the county paid a consultant almost $200,000 to conger up.

Guilf Co Jail (1)

Davis' main concern is making sure the taxpayers of Guilford County want to pay the bill. He says the county can come up with the money, whether it's through tax hikes or bond referendums.

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Barnes, trying not to let out a grin, knows he may now be several steps closer to getting that new jail. That or the current one will be shut down and all the Guilford inmates will be housed in other counties. Guilford might need higher taxes and bond money just for that.

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