Sunday, February 12, 2006


I haven't been shooting a lot of pix lately and the ones I have shot I haven't downloaded on a timely basis. I think this is basically because during the 4 months of the year we in TV call 'SWEEPS' our lives are put into Fast Forward. We are either working on a story for that day and are definately going to be live or we are deeply immersed in special project stories that we try to take our time making sure they are extraordinarily great.

Live Shot (1)

I have not been out on as many Live shot's lately because of shooting and editing sweeps pieces. I took these two pictures when I ran into Caron and Joe sitting in Thomasville almost two weeks ago.

Live Shot

They were busy editing a package for 5 and I was headed back to the station after a shoot.

GPD Protest (3)

Then this past week Caron and I worked together, getting a late start for a story on an event that didn't even start until 4:30.

GPD Protest

We did get a couple of interviews between 3 and 4 and we were able to sling a minute and a half story together for 5. (It was even pretty good.)

GPD Protest (2)

And now, Monday morning's almost here. I have a sweeps piece that airs at 10 on Monday. It's half finished. It's 4 minutes long. It's gonna be great!

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