Sunday, February 12, 2006

Happy Birthday MeMa

My Mom's Mom, who I have always called MeMa, turned 80 this past Saturday. My mom and sister planned a surprise birthday party for her that involved my wife, our 5 kids and I being in her house when she and my mom and sister arrived. I wasn't so sure that kind of surprise would be great on an 80 year old heart, but it all worked out.

MeMa's 80th

This is my entire direct family on my Mom's side. Other than my MeMa brothers and sisters and their siblings, this is it.

MeMa reminded me of our gathering when she turned 70 and I was 22. My oldest son was 18 months.

That seems like yesterday!

I got to thinking about that in terms of the next ten years. When she makes it to 90 my two boys will be 21 and 17. My step-youngins will be 21, 19 and 16.

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Anonymous said...

Gee Chris, that's depressing! I don't want to think about the kids being that old in 10 years! If I do that, I'll have to realize how old WE'LL BE!