Monday, February 13, 2006

Memphis vs. Greensboro
Intracity Blogsquables

Greensboro is the Blogtropolitan of the east coast, Blogsboro as dubbed by the LA Times but it's another major Blogicipality, just east of the Mississippi, Memphis Tennessee that's in the middle of what could be an interesting blog-squable.

It involves major media players of Memphis, much like the New and Record Vs. WFMY spat over alleged plagerism.

In Memphis it's WMC News Director Peggy Phillips' Blog vs....well....they prefer to remain annonymous, but it's clear that they work at the other TV Stations there. The 4 writers of the new blog, PeggyBlues, is an attempt to rebut some of the things that WMC News Director Peggy Phillips writes on her blog about the other Newsmakers, Shakers and Movers of Memphis, Tennessee.

I read Peggy's blog a couple of times a week but it was through the blog of Jamey Tucker, another (on the way out of)Memphis blogger, that I first saw the PeggyBlues Story. Jamey writes that he's surprised it took this long for anyone to rebut Peggy's strong willed and heavily opinionated writing.

The writers of PeggyBlues say after 2 years, enough is enough. The writers sent an open letter to Peggy on February 2nd writing that she's "gone to far" and that she's in for "the ride of your life".

Peggy links back to them 10 days later with a quick post of her own, taunting them, trying to help them have more than just the 4 "anonymous" authors as the site's readers.

I don't profess to know all of the politics of the Memphis TV scene, but this looks like it could produce some good entertainment.

In the meantime, here are some interesting comparisons between other areas of life in Greensboro and Memphis.

Although Memphis itself it larger city on its own, both cities are the center of a similarly sized Metro Area.

Memphis Boasts the National Civil Right's Museum. Greensboro is building the International Civil Right's Museum.

Memphis is home to the King of Rock, Elvis Pressley. Greensboro can claim the King of NASCAR, Richard Petty, if you make the trip 10 miles out of the city limits and into Randolph County.


Memphis has the International BBQ Cooking Contest. Greensboro's Neighbor, Lexington, just 20 miles to the south has the BBQ Festival and is the BBQ Capital of the World.(NO CONTEST NEEDED!)

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