Friday, February 24, 2006

Flight Path
Big Plane

I took these pictures recently on the north end of Greensboro. This Fed Ex MD-11 flew over and my eyes got big and I couldn't find my camera. I was bummed. I had missed the shot. But soon I realized that, either they were doing touch and go's, landing and taking off over and over, or there were multiple Heavies landing at the airport. I think the former is the case.

FedEx (2)

I got the picture...a couple of times.

FedEx (1)

That MD-11 looked huge as it flew the low approach to PTI. It looked especially large for 2 reasons.....most of the planes landing at PTI are relatively small comared to this DC-10s younger, more electronically advanced cousin.


The other thing was the forced perspective of this jumbo jet flying over the shopping center as if it was setting down in the loading zone.

FedEx (3)

It was a truely impressive site.

I don't get what those homeowners in the flight path of the airport are complaining about. I could watch planes land all day. ;)

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Anonymous said...

Of course, it was DAY and the homeowners were doing the same thing you were doing - work.

It never ceases to amaze me that people near the airport complain that they live near the airport. The roads are great because they are near the airport. When most of the whiners out there built in the 80's, jets were in use and they were louder than they are today.

I visited a friend out there and asked why did they move near the airport. They looked surprised. They didn't think it was near the airport. (They do now.)

Don Moore