Thursday, February 02, 2006

Everybody Loves Cheerleaders

I drew long straw this morning and didn't even know it.

After a 10am series shoot with Ms. Julie Luck, I went to lunch.(It was noon after all)

After lunch(actually got an hour today) I picked up my next assignment...a one hour drive to Pine Hall (which isn't really even on the map)to pick up a quick VoSot(if you consider a 2 hour round trip quick) at Rockingham county's largest employer, which is looking to hire about 40 more of the county's finest.

An hour drive back to High Point and I am faced with my next assignment set to start at 5. With just enough time on the clock to finish up a series edit and teases for 10 I was off to the Greensboro coliseum to meet up with these ladies.

Cheerleader Tryouts 3

Today was the day....tryout day for the cheerleaders of Greensboro's new Arena Football, The Greensboro Revolution. Lots of young ladies turned out for the tryouts, warming up and dancing around well before the judges arrived.

Cheerleader Tryouts 1

I had to get in and out pretty quickly to have it on air by 6, so I didn't see the girls when they were in front of the judges. But it should have been an impressive tryout, considering the cheering background these girls all have.

They did a quick warm up with a mix-CD that gave me the footage I needed for 6, I did a quick interview and I was gone.

Cheerleader Tryouts 2

Good Luck Girls. I'm sure I'll see you at a game.


turdpolisher said...

some guys have all the luck. i spent the day with 5000 drunken lsu fans waiting on the latest recruits to sign on the doted line.

Smitty said...

Tough assignment.. But easy on the eyes, right?

Kenneth said...

We want more, We want more, We want more. Oh s#$t my wife is coming. Can you send more pics to my e-mail. I have my credit card number ready....