Wednesday, April 09, 2008


In an interesting,almost Candid Camera kind of way, a new trend, fad, thingy called "Fauxtographs" has emerged from cyberspace and it could be the new practical jokester's best friend.

I discovered "Fauxtographs" at Vimeo, a YouTube-ish web site for videophiles of a more A/V geek nature. More about that in a minute.

A "Fauxtograph" is really a video but in the name of getting people to pose for a photograph while capturing video of them cheesing for what isn't a photo.

These "Fauxtographs" on the "Fauxtograph Channel" of Vimeo are pretty darn funny. It's amazing the faces people make just to let someone capture a staged image of them.

Fauxtograph in "The Basement", on the night where Billy almost died. from emeryzach on Vimeo.

Now, about Vimeo.

Vimeo's been around since 2004 but doesn't quite have the member, upload, or view numbers that YouTube gets.

Part Facebook, part YouTube, part 80s Cable Access Channel, this video website is a niche player where video geeks can show off there latest projects in high quality web video, whereas YouTube seems to be more like a Worlds Wildest Videos TV Show.

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