Monday, April 21, 2008

NAB 08 - Travel Tech
In Flight GPS

Have you ever done this?

Vegas NAB 08 (107)

My trip to Las Vegas last week is the first time I've flown since I've had my GPS and I was eager to see how it would work from the confines of the sardine tube in the sky.

The answer is GREAT. Other than taking a bit longer to lock onto the satelites it easily tracked the speed, altitude and location of the aircraft.

Vegas NAB 08 (108)

I was even able to attach the GPS to the window of the plane so I could have it in front of me for the entire flight.

Vegas NAB 08 (106)

It was neat to follow the map and be able to identify the cities, towns and even bodies of water we were passing over. If you noticed the power cord coming from the unit, that's because I attached it to my laptop to power it for the duration.

Vegas NAB 08 (103)

The only downside is the restrictions on using electronic devices below 10,000 feet. (It would have been cool to see the GPS track us right down to the runway!)

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gamarti said...

I love looking out the window during a flight as I try to indentify various mt. peaks, lakes, cities, etc. As I flew home from Phoenix to Oakland Sunday, I wondered if there is an application that can point indentify all the ground features along the flight path using GPS? Are you aware of any programs or apps that do nthis? The pilots don't mention anything anymore...GM